1). What year did David Blaine's first street magic tv special air?


2). In the book by Tony Corinda how many steps to mentalism are there?


3). What year was the Sussex Magic Circle founded?


4). What town was Paul Daniels born in?


5). What does the acronym: ACAAN mean?

6). Who was the first magician to fool Penn & Teller on the TV programme Fool US?


7). In 1983, which magician appeared to make the Statue of Liberty disappear on live television?


8). What routine is Bill Malone most famous for?


9). What year did Derren Brown escape death with his Russian Roulette special?


10). Which magician was married to Victoria Wood?


11). If you add up all 52 cards in a deck (excluding jokers) what total do you get?


12). Who won The Magic Circle's close up magician of the year award in 1994?


13). The only known footage of the magician Cardini (Richard Pitchford) at work is from what television show?


14). Whose album cover did Dynamo magically change in his TV series 'Magician Impossible'?


15). How old was Tommy Cooper when he died?